is aware that you are putting your confidence in us. That is why we are confidentially using your user data when you are visiting our site and never share this data with third parties. sees it as her responsibility to protect your privacy and let you have the best user experience possible on our site at the same time. On this page we will let you know how we are collecting user data when you are visiting our site, why we are collecting this data and how we use this date to improve your user experience on our site. This way you will exactly know how our privacy policy works.

This privacy policy applies to all services offered by is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites and other online sources. By using this website you acknowledge that you have accepted our privacy policy. respects the privacy of all its users and will handle provided user data confidentially.

How does use the collect data?

With the use of our services.

When you apply for one of our services we will ask you to provide us some personal data which enables us to provide these services. This data will be stored on our personal secure servers or on secure servers of third parties. We will not combine this data with other personal data that we might possess.

Communication with Linkaufbau.nlWhen you are sending us an e-mail or other message, it is possible that we will store this data. Occasionally we will ask for personal data which is relevant for that particular situation. This enables us to answer your questions or requests. Also this data will be stored on our own personal secure servers or servers of third parties. We will not combine this data with other personal data that we might possess.
Collection of collects cookies through Google Analytics oto get a better understanding of the navigation process on our site of our visitors. These cookies can not be related to a particular person or computer so your anonymity remains guaranteed. We only use these cookies to optimize our web site and services.

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer when you visit our site and ensure that we can see how our visitors navigate through our site with the help of Google Analytics. Google Analytics can track and process cookies into their statistics program. By analyzing the statistics within the Google Analytics program, we can see how users are using our site and enables us to generate reports about our web site activities and offer other services which are related to our web site use. The cookie generated collected data about the use of our web site will be transported to our own secure servers or servers of third parties.

Purposes of data collectionWe do not use collected data in any other way than described in this privacy policy unless we have your explicite agreement to do so..

Sharing of informationThe collected information will not be shared with thirth parties. In some occasions information can be shared internally. Our employers are obligated to respect the privacy of all data.

Changes of our privacy policyThis privacy policy is tailored to the use and possibilities on this site. Possible changes to this site can lead to changes of the privacy policy. Therefor we advice to regularly check our privacy policy to see if anything has changed.
Choises for sharing user dataWe offer all visitors the option to see, change or delete all their personal data that we might posses.

Adjustments or unsubscribing to our newsletter serviceBelow all newsletters you will find an option to unsubscribe from our newsletter service or change your subscription details.

Adjustments or unsubscribing from our our communicationIf you decide that you do not wat your data in our records you have the option to contact us with the request to alter or delete you data from our servers and thirth party servers. Our contact details can be found below.

Disable Cookies

Most browsers standard accept cookies. It is possible however to disable or alter the way of acception of cookies within your browser settings. When disabling the acception of cookies it is possible however that some features on our site will not work properly and that your user experience will decline.

Questions and feedbackWe regularly check to see if we comply to this privacy policy. If you have questions about our privacy policy you can contact us.